About the area

The Village

Ben Gurion College is a residential and academic village, built in the 1960s, which contains, among other institutions the Blaustein Institute for Desert Research, the Ben Gurion Research Institute for the Studies of Israel and Zionism, the Ben Gurion Archive and the Ben Gurion Heritage Foundation. It also has a highly regarded boarding school which specializes in ecological and environmental studies.
It is best known for being the last resting place of Israel’s first premier, David Ben Gurion and his wife Paula. Nearly 30 km from the nearest town, this veritable oasis is home to about 450 families, mainly academics, teachers and post-graduate students from more than 50 countries. 
There is a small supermarket, several small restaurants, a gym and a post office. The large, mostly uncrowded swimming pool (entry fee for guests) is open from June to October.
Ben Gurion College is the perfect hub to visit the whole area of the Negev Highland – Sde Boker Area, of course and its many hiking trails, but also Mitzpe RamonNitzana Area (little Sinai on the Egyptian border) or the Big Crater on your way to the Dead Sea.

The Climate

As might be expected in the desert, there are more than 300 sunny days a year, but less well-known is the fact that the summer climate is very pleasant indeed apart from a few very hot hours in the middle of the day. We are sitting on a plateau 500 meters above the sea level, and there is a northwesterly breeze which comes up every afternoon and continues until dusk. This is what makes mornings and evenings very pleasant, even at the height of the summer.
Winter, although mostly sunny during the day, can be quite chilly at night. Not surprisingly, the average annual rainfall is only 90mm. Unlucky enough to find yourself here on a rainy day? Don’t be disappointed, the floods are just spectacular.

Things to do

Visitors come mainly for the hiking. From easy walks, suitable for all ages, through to more difficult treks for keen walkers, guests are sure to enjoy the breathtaking landscapes.
Midreshet Ben Gurion is also a convenient starting point for several sections of Shvil Israel. There are also various levels of climbing, trails for mountain biking and the option of tours by jeep. Some of the most beautiful hikes in the country are here, literally – on our doorstep.

Our Guest’s Favorites

Zin Valley - Krivine Guesthouse

A stroll along the cliff to Paula and David Ben Gurion’s grave or to the Sculpture Park, right on our doorstep.

Ein Akev - Krivine Guesthouse

Ein Akev (with a stop at Magdalena’s tent for tea, coffee and a bit of food on the way back), a 14 km ride takes you from the guesthouse to a fresh water spring, where you can swim. Pure magic.

עין עקב - צימרה קריבין

Ein Avdat, an equally beautiful water source , but a much shorter walk, suitable for children. Swimming forbidden.

Mosaic in Mamshit - Krivine Guesthouse

The Nabatean ruins of Avdat (as well as Mamshit and Shivta especially for those who have more time).

Paula and David Ben Gurion's tomb - Krivine Guesthouse

The grave of Ben Gurion (in the village) and his home (in Kibbutz Sde Boker – 5 km north)

Camel in the Negev - Krivine Guesthouse

Bedouin Hospitality, camel ride

Visit local farms (wines, cheeses, honey) and a surprisingly wide variety of restaurants

Kornmehl Farm and restaurant - Krivine Guesthouse

Our favorite goat cheese Kornmehl with its restaurant but note, it closes early.

מכתש ירוחם - צימר קריבין

Mitzpe Ramon (40 km drive). View of the crater. Numerous hikes are possible, in particular Mount Ardon (for experienced hikers only) or Ein Saharonim, but if you want to go deep into this gigantic crater, we recommend taking a jeep, seeing the Visitor’s Center.

Alpaca farm in Mitzpe Ramon - Krivine Guesthouse

Then continuing to the Alpaca farm (wonderful for children) with friendly goats and alpacas, and demonstrations of wool-making. Finally visit the artisans and restaurants in the old industrial area at the entrance to the town.

agriculture in the Negev - Krivine Guesthouse

Guide to other farms in the site of Ramat Negev Regional Council.

For intrepid walkers

Those who already know the area and want to see more and for those who have more specific interests

נחל צין - צימר קריבין

Hod Akev , Nahal Divshon , Nahal Darokh , Har Tzahor , etc …

המכתש הגדול - צימר קריבין

The large (near Yeruham ) and the small crater (near Dimona)

Nabatean cistern in the Negev Nahal Hatzatz - Krivine Guesthouse

The Negev in bloom – From September to April, there is always something blooming. It starts with the drimia as early as September,  then you can find desert Hyacinths in Ein Yarkeam (large crater) between October and November and so on.

Borot Lotz - Picture by Krivine Guesthouse

Crocus in Nahal Boker October November, Iris Yeruham between February and March, Narcissus in the Nahal Hatzatz in December January, Wild flowers in Borot Lotz in the spring, or wild tulips in the ‘lost city’, etc…

Region renowned for birdwatching. Birding Tours with Meidad.

Biking in the Negev - Krivine Guesthouse

 GeoFun – Mountain bikes can be rented, plus helmet and a map. If you have your own bike, there are guided tours. Program a few hours or several days.

For those who don't want to walk

Jeep tour in the Negev - Krivine Guesthouse

Jeep Tours
› Negev Jeep – Haim is an animal behavior specialist, mainly predators . His night safari is a must.
› Adam Sela – Half-day and full-day tours of the region, with tours further afield in the Negev, Judean desert, Eilat mountains, and the Arava.
› Arthur DuMosh – Known to the villagers as the leopard-catcher – Multilingual (Hebrew , English, German , Dutch)

Ballooning in the Negev - Krivine Guesthouse

Ballooning above the plateau of Negev – For a completely different and unique experience , contact Shay.

sandboarding in the Negev - Krivine Guesthouse

Sandboarding on dunes.

Neve Midbar, pool / spa and using highly mineralized local groundwater hot water (closed for renovation work).

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